By D.L. Ashmore

Ugly Business

A Mike Ash Crime Novel

Tampa detective Mike Ash works tirelessly to defend the world from monsters. So after a couple of nurse techs are strangled and left in dumpsters, he fears humanity’s worst is stalking the city streets. And when the body of a young girl is also found discarded, the shrewd investigator swiftly deduces there could be more than one murderous hand at work…

Crime Fiction Author

D.L. Ashmore

DL Ashmore’s crime fiction novels are set in Tampa, Florida, the city that he loves. Themes in his books include police investigation, women’s and veterans’ issues as well as animal behavior. Local fans will readily recognize familiar places and settings, while readers everywhere will find that the characters and situations in DL’s writing are relatable to their own lives. DL lives in Tampa with his wife and three cats.

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If you like mysteries you are going to enjoy Unfinished Business! Totally enjoyable! And if you are familiar with Tampa Florida don’t be surprised if you recognize streets and places mentioned in the book. Definitely a must have for your library!

– Amazon Review


“Couldn’t put it down once I started, I couldn’t stop – just had to see “who dun it.”

– Amazon Review


This is a clever little story about two murders—one that happened before the book starts and one scheduled to occur a few days into the novel…

– Vine Voice Review

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